Arachnid is a resident of UV City, and the 4th character to be introduced in the series. She is often said to be the "mother figure" of the UV City residents, and will act accordingly.


Arachnid is a 5'-10" mixed-colored teenager with long brown hair. She is a Spytrion, which gives her the abilities of regeneration, nearly unlimited energy, and a very long tongue that can extent several meters. She, however, doesn't have a visible nose. She wears a long sleeved pink crop top, and blue jeans. She also has pink shoes with yellow laces. She has green eyes, and wears large moon hoop earrings. She also has slight pink blush marks going across where the bridge of her nose would be. She is shown to be very flexible, and extremely durable.


Arachnid has many Spytrion abilities, as well as her own. Here is a list of them:

  • ====Arachnid's Abilities====
    • Long Tongue Lash
    • Spider Volley
    • Explosive Spider Volley
    • Black Jet
    • Black Arachnia Blast
    • Web Spray
    • Venom Stream
  • ====Spytrian Abilities====
    • Guardian (Royal)
    • Healer (Mary)
    • Tank (Berry)
    • Ranger (Robert)
    • Sniper (Roger)
    • Fire (Magma)
    • Ice (Frosty)
    • Wind (Wendy)
    • Lightening (Gaia)
    • Spytrian Form
    • Partial Spytrian Form