Armageddon is a resident, and one of the main protagonists of UV City. He lives with his cousin Clossus and his friend/owner Arachnid.


Armageddon appears as an 8'2 Umirilon with a brownish-tan shell complexion. He has a chest-belly patch that is slightly lighter than the rest of his body, that stops at the crotch, and begins again under the crotch. Armageddon also has light blue spikes running down his back, and all the way down his tail. His face is slightly humanoid, with yellow dog-like eyes, and a rather large mouth. He has three horns on his head, as well as horns on his elbows, knees and heels. If standing straight up, he reaches a maximum of 15 feet.



Armageddon is shown to be a very charismatic Umirilon, which is somewhat unusual. He is very light-hearted, and pretty stupid at first, but eventually gains knowledge of his surroundings and predicament. He is one of four known Experimental Umirilons, with the others being Megageddon, Mamageddon, and Doomageddon, all of which are kin. He loves pizza and chicken, but his favorite food is cheeseburgers. He will often over-exaggerate, and play out scenes or conversations, just because he feels it's appropriate. He also loves creating combinations and new moves while fighting.


Armageddon has a range of special attacks and powers that he can use to his advantage. Below is a list of moves he uses:

  • Omega Punch
  • Geddon Ball
  • Meteor Shower
  • Napalm Spray
  • Fire Breath
  • Hand Guns
  • Fart Gun
  • Arma-Truck
  • Supernova